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What are the unknowns in your security?

In other words, do you know what you don't know about security?

  • ​​Why would anyone want to compromise my company?
  • ​What programs are running on your computer?
  • Who has access to your computer?
  • ​How can someone get access to my information?
  • ​Where can I find out what is happening on my computer?
  • ​When is it safe to work from a public location?
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I know what I want

The answer to defeat the unknown is Zero-Trust!

What is Zero-Trust and can it help me?

Zero-Trust is a way to view security for companies of all sizes.  The way you achieve Zero-Trust depends on the size of business and how much you are willing to spend.  The basics of Zero-Trust are: 

  • Who is using your computer?
  • What programs are running on your computer?
  • Who is listening to your computer online?
  • How can someone get access to my computer?

Zero-Trust blocks the unkown.

  • Who are you? Have you heard of Multi-Factor Authentication?  Its that annoying thing that banks and other high security companies use to prove who you are.  This lets them know Who is using your computer.
  • What is running? By default, any program can run on your computer.  If you filter out what programs can run, you can know what is running and make sure it is what it says it is.
  • Who is listening? A VPN can be used to hide where you are connecting to the internet, but it can also prevent people from listening to your computer online. 
  • How can I get malware? The most common way to get a virus or Ransomware is through email.  Having the right email filtering will block the majority of malware. A good Anti-Virus is always a last resort just in case something gets past all your other defenses.

How can zero trust work for me?

Which of the following sound like you?

  • I use the cloud for everything, there isn't anything important on my computer.
  • I have some stuff in the cloud and some stuff on my computer.
  • What?  Use the cloud? Never! Its all on my computer.

Any time you connect to a network, anywhere that network is, your information is vulnerable.  It doesn't matter how much or how little you use the cloud.

You can assume your data in the cloud is safe... unless: 

  • ​The company that hosts your cloud is compromised
  • You use the same ID and password with multiple websites
  • ​Someone listens to your connection to the cloud and they get your ID and Password
  • ​You have malware running on your computer that captures your ID and Password.
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I'm ready to stop the unknown, what do I do?

In order to stop the unknown, you need three foundational pieces for security.

  • Benefit: Our products are delivered immediately
  • Feature: Explain the benefit of your products
  • Icon: Change the icons in the settings

Ready To Get Started Here Today And Achieve This Amazing Thing?

Lead with Value, top call to action.

Do you have over 1,000 users?

We started with large companies.

Large companies need security too, unfortunately, not all MSPs provide multiple layers of security.  We are experts in connectivity and our focus from the beginning was secure infrastructures.  When you contact us, we can help you evolve your network into your own private Fort Knox. 

Are you a mobile or remote only company?  We have solutions for you too!

  • Co-Managed Services: We don't take over, we work with your team to provide the service that's right for you 
  • Secured SD-WAN: We connect all your locations with redundant and encrypted software defined tunnels.
  • Cloud: The cloud gets compromised daily.  We show you how to manage your cloud in a secured way.
  • Private Cloud: Do you want to build your own cloud?  We can help you build a private cloud with the same connectivity as the public cloud, only more secured.

Why Method?

We started with large enterprises.
We saw the huge divide between what large corporations have access to and what small and medium sized businesses could afford.  That doesn't feel right to us, and security should be available for everyone. 

We began by building secure networks for software companies and insurance processors.  Next we went to Banks and financial institutions.  Now we bring security to all sizes of businesses.


Your Compelling Strategy (Branded Term)


"This headline gets attention"

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"This headline gets attention"

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Kyle C., IT Manager
Software development firm

"We were having outages daily. When Method checked our network out, they found several issues and took a weekend to rebuild it.  It was night and day, we stopped having outages and our workload dropped over night."

Kevin C., VP of IT
Insurance processing company

"Our IT team wasn't able to keep up with everything we had to do plus monitor security.  Method spent a week analyzing our network and found multiple security issues.  We had no idea how many problems we had until they showed us."

Brad T. VP, Director of Information Technology
Financial services company 

"Method worked with our team to help us reimagine the way our network ran.  Now we can see everything that happens on our network."

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Most Entrepreneurs think the same things, I know I did when I first started.

  • ​I'm small, who would attack my business?  This mindset use to be accurate, however, now anyone and everyone is at risk.
  • ​My ISP includes AV and a firewall, I'm safe, right? AV and a firewall use to be enough, but new tricks allow attacks to get through both.
  • ​I moved everything to the cloud, I'm safe! Only if the cloud provider has to recover the entire server.  If your data gets corrupted, encrypted, or deleted, they rarely restore your information.

When Method first started, we weren't focused on security. We were like an architecture firm, we designed large networks.  As we grew, we realized that security needed to become a focus and found that few IT companies had a security first methodology. That is why Method evolved into a security first company.  We still design networks, but everything is focused on security.

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We are on a mission

Secure Small Businesses

  • ​We shop small: We want our information kept secured, so we want to secure you
  • You are like us: Small businesses need each other.  When one small business gets hurt, we all suffer.  Let's reduce the risk.
  • You must keep focused on your clientsLet us empower you to feel safe while your focus is where it should be.



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